A Little History of the OMAR Baking Company Building

Erected in 1923 for the Omar Baking Company, the bakery and building still remain a memory for a few old timers as a friendly bakery that served its community well.   In its prime, the Omar Baking Company had bakeries in Omaha, Milwaukee, Columbus and Indianapolis. There were seventeen branches within a 100 mile area covering 1,346 communities.  Many of those who still remember the bakery can recall when the “Omar Man” made his routes and a few can even recite the Omar jingle.

“I’m the Omar man, (tap,tap,tap)

knocking at your door (rappa tap tap).

When you taste my bread (mmmm boy!),

you’re gonna want more (rappa tap tap).

Yes, everyone loves those cookies and cakes

and the wonderful bread the Omar bakes!

Get it from your Omar man!”

The baking company had been given the name by Mr. Coad, its president, inspired by Omar Khayyam’s famous lines, “A book of verse, a loaf of bread…”  The building was sold to a company who dealt in used fixtures that were acquired mostly from department stores. It was during this period that the property was allowed to go into decline.

Nearly  a century from its beginnings, the Omar is restored to a new purpose and a new future for its community.  The present Owner/Developer acquired the building in 2008 with the vision to create a center for non-profits that facilitates improved delivery of essential services to constituents — within a workable budget.  The mission included brining all the necessary components together into one setting: off street parking, public transportation, desirable access and identity, and functional space .  The developer felt that, in addition to all the requisites for a functional facility, the character of the OMAR property  brings with it a strong sense of intent and purpose that offers beauty and dignity for tenants and their clients; some call it just good energy.

LOCATION & TRENDS:  The intersection of Saddle Creek and Cuming Street places the Omar on the fringes of Destination Midtown and at the end of the Saddle Creek Realignment project.  Public transportation is within one and one half blocks of the property and two of Omaha’s largest and most respected medical centers and universities Creighton are book ends for the property. The Omar Building is located on one of Omaha’s major arterials, a connector to the CenturyLink Center (formerly Qwest Center), Downtown Omaha, and Eppley airport.

To see oportunities to lease in this building visit: http://www.realestateomaha.org/properties.html


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