Omaha Office Vacancy Rates Better than National Averages

July 18, 2012

A recent article in the Omaha World-Herald business section notes a west Omaha office project being built and the article goes on to state how our local office space activity has been improving.  The class A office space component is outperforming in the last 3 months with only a 5.3% vacancy, compared to rate of 23.8% for Class B and 23.8% for Class C office space.  More companies are finding they can afford the higher-end facilities, according to the author.  Certain submarkets are performing at different rates of occupancy with the Old Mill area having the lowest vacancy rate of 5.4%.  Overall vacancy in the market is lower than it has been since before 2008.



July 2, 2012

House & Home Center Fully Occupied!

With the recent signing of the lease agreement with Johnson Hardware/Grabow Hardware, the House and Home Center will be fully occupied.  This is another indication that the market activity continues to move in a positive direction.  With the synergy that this center provides, we are hearing positive comments from tenants who say their business results have been strong this far into the year.  PropertyBanc has other properties nearby that will be a good location for your business if you would like to be in the southwest portion of the metro.