West Dodge office corridor going strong!

October 31, 2013

A recent Omaha World-Herald article indicates that the business office demand may have slowed somewhat in parts of the metro but it continues to be very active in what is referred to as the “suburban West Dodge area”.  A vacancy rate of 6.7% is very low historically with the overall rate in the metro at 14.1%.  A new proposal submitted by Noddle Cos. plans a 4-story office building at 180th and Dodge Streets which supports the strength of that area and the expected development of residential, office and retail activity. A number of brokers indicate a very high level of interest for projects that may be coming in the spring of 2014 as either tenants for existing structures or as possible tenants of new construction.


Encompassing Leases Are A Must

October 29, 2013

Leases are legal documents and are matters in which both the Tenant and Landlord must be informed and understand the terms before executing. In a recent Midlands Business Journal from October 25, 2013, it explains that financial matters, expectations, guidelines, responsibilities, and options must be clearly stated in this all encompassing document. All discussions and changes to the document need to be done so in writing in order for record purposes and so that these items are clear to both parties. All parties involved should maintain executed copies of the document. Overall the lease should be fair and leases that are lopsided benefiting one party or the other should be avoided.

“Checkout Charities” Becoming A Norm

October 4, 2013

A recent article in the October 4, 2013 edition of the “Midlands Business Journal” sites the noticeable increase in “checkout charity” donations. This is when the cashier asks you at the end of you purchases if you want to “round up for XYZ charity” or “if you’d like to donate a dollar to XYZ charity”. This is a concept that raises a lot of money for very little cost. The nations top 63 charities fund-raised over $358 million dollars in 2012. This tactic is dreaded by some customers while other organizations, but it will continue because of its success until a new idea is brought forward. Overall, it is nice to see people giving to charities!

Tablet Based Cash Register Systems are a reality!

October 1, 2013

New software is in place that allows small businesses to set up their point-of-sale systems with a tablet as the register that handles the transaction.  In addition to the flexibility that it allows  for check out, there is also the access advantage which makes it possible to change pricing, get reports, and verify cash balances without actually being in the store.  The sales clerk can complete a transaction from virtually any place in the store.